Optical Fibre Cable

TTL’s OFC Plant has got facilities to manufacture mainly loose tube type cables which are designed to give an optimum fiber performance for many application. This type of cable consists of a number of loose tubes stranded around a central strength member with an overall protective jacket. Each tube carries a number of optical fibers that lie loose in the tube

The tubes are filled with thixo-tropic jelly that cushions the fibers and resists water from entering into the fiber. The loose tube also isolates the fiber from the exterior mechanical forces placed in the cable. The fibers in the tube are slightly longer than the cable itself in order to elongate under tensile loads without applying stress to the fiber. Both loose tubes as well as fibers are individually colour coded for easy identification.


The loose tubes are stranded around a central strength member to form the cable core. This central central strength member which can be a die-electric glass rod / steel rod, provide the cable with strength and support during pulling operations as well as in permanently installed positions. The cable core surrounded by additional strength member such as aramid yarn strength elements to give more protection to the cable especially installed in aerial and duct environment. An inner sheath of polyethylene material is applied directly over the core. The outer jacket of polyamide 12 (nylon) is applied in case of duct type metal free optical fiber cable. The cables for direct buried applications are provided with armoured constructions to give a desired rodent protection. The armouring material is typically co-polymer coated stainless steel tape. The outside material for the cable jacket is made from medium or high density polyethylene.


In addition to the above standard construction, TTL also offers other loose tube cable designs to meet special customer needs. Although loose tube cables are mostly used for outdoor installation including aerial, duct and direct-buried application, this cable can also be designed for indoor applications with a PVC outer jacket with various fire ratings to meet standard flammability requirements.


Our products comply with ITU-T recommendations EN188000 standard, TEC Specifications, IEC-793/794 test standards & EIA/TIA standards.



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